A quick primer on 19th century romance: a tale of two perseverant bachelors

A quick primer on early 19th century romance through the example of two bachelors. Both stubborn, passionate, and persevering towards the objects of their affection. However, one seemed to garner greater success in his relationships than the other. What sets them apart? First, an introduction: Mr C The first, a Congregationalist minister seeks a bride... Continue Reading →


A Domestic Cat-astrophy

On Tuesday, 21 May  1867 a peculiar case was presented to the Lewes Petty Sessions. A case of nuisance was brought against a Mr Robert Dennis Chantrell, a resident in Rottingdean. The complaint concerned Chantrell's residence, which was so inundated with animals, especially those of the feline persuasion, that it causing ill health on the... Continue Reading →

A murderous case of stolen trousers

On the 6th of April 1842 the Police Constable, William Gardner, was on duty in Wandsworth, when a tradesperson, Mr Collingbourn, approached him with a complaint. Local man, Daniel Good had stolen a pair of black trousers from his shop and he wished to press charges. Good was the coachman for Mr Shiell, in Putney,... Continue Reading →

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