Women’s History – Its Rise and Challenges

“It has been common knowledge for ages that women exist, bear children, have no beards, and seldom go bald…but save in these respects, and in others where they are said to be identical with men, we know little of them and have little sound evidence upon which to base our conclusions.” - Virginia Woolf, 1920... Continue Reading →


19th century Baptist Women – How they were viewed.

The customs and traditions for women in religion varied considerably across denominations in England during the 19th century. While there was a shared ideal of "respectability" which focused on women working in the home, and men as the breadwinner outside of the home - this manifested in various ways throughout different denominations; and there were... Continue Reading →

Six Reasons I’m Glad I’m Not a Victorian Woman

A few years before I met my husband, I was sitting in a coffee shop with another single female friend while we lamented over our despairing "singlehood." We were both discussing how complicated the "dating world" can be, especially from a more traditional Christian perspective. In a progressively changing world, the older traditions from our parents and... Continue Reading →

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