Nonconformist Women in History

A podcast devoted to uncovering the lives of Nonconformist (Dissenting) female religious figures in history. This term refers to Protestant Christians who were not part of the Church of England from the 16th century onward.

I am particularly interested in uncovering the lives of little-known women from the 17th century onward; though some well-known women will, undoubtedly, be found in the episodes below.

If you have any recommendations for women who ought to be included (or if you are an academic/researcher who would like to contribute to the podcast, please contact me!

Jane Attwater (Baptist, 1753-1843) Nonconformist Women in History

In this podcast episode, I discuss the life of Jane Attwater – a lay Baptist woman whose archive of diaries provides insight into the life and experience of a Baptist woman. Her diaries are characterised by constant introspection; she oscillated frequently between spiritual encouragement (through hearing sermons) and un-assurance of her 'salvation' due to her poor spiritual condition. Concern was especially heavy regarding people: she feared placing her mother, daughter, and husband as idols in her life.
  1. Jane Attwater (Baptist, 1753-1843)
  2. Anna Braithwaite (Quaker, 1788-1859)

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