Did the church hire her too? – The role of the Pastor’s wife in the 19th century.

In his book Baptists through the Centuries, renowned historian David Bebbington pointed out the dearth of research women within religious history research – specifically of the Baptist persuasion: ‘Although the role of women has typically been neglected by Baptist historians, their history deserved to be noted since for a time in England there were commonly... Continue Reading →

What did female Quaker ministry look like? – tales of the Inner Light.

In 1814 Anna Braithwaite was 'called to the ministry' as a Quaker female. But what did that mean? Being 'called to the ministry' in many denominations in this period entailed a rigorous process by which candidates were evaluated by members at the ordaining church, or a panel of churchmen such as a presbytery. For Baptists... Continue Reading →

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