A new tender fatherhood: ‘Divine love’ in the 19th century

The pre-eminence of God’s ‘fatherhood’ was especially salient in the second half of the nineteenth-century. Indeed, some historians have argued that the second half of the 19th century witnessed the introduction of God as a ‘sentimental fatherhood’ – to be contrasted with the earlier emphasis upon God as a ‘moral governor’. From the 1850s, myriad... Continue Reading →

Did the church hire her too? – The role of the Pastor’s wife in the 19th century.

In his book Baptists through the Centuries, renowned historian David Bebbington pointed out the dearth of research women within religious history research – specifically of the Baptist persuasion: ‘Although the role of women has typically been neglected by Baptist historians, their history deserved to be noted since for a time in England there were commonly... Continue Reading →

Courtly Love – the libido tamed

Around the year 1170, Chretiens de Toyes completed his first romance narrative - the story of Erec and Enide. In this long poem, originally constructed in Old French, Erec (a knight) marries his beloved Enide, and feels such strong love for her that he begins to neglect his 'manly' duties. The story was new for... Continue Reading →

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