Why ‘Reverend’ didn’t bode well in the 19th century

The time – November 1848, the location – a church meeting at Romney Street Baptist. One of the topics for discussion tonight included a dispute over their minister’s title. Dissatisfaction was brewing, due to a recent publication in which the title “Reverend” had been prefixed to their preachers’ names. After considerable discussion, the church considered... Continue Reading →


The dangers of novel-reading

Although the value of ‘reading for pleasure' has become part and parcel of contemporary reading culture, this highly proselytized past-time, to children and adults alike, was not always considered so salient. In fact, in the late 18th and 19th centuries - as the novel proliferated - numerous people and groups sought to repress these rising... Continue Reading →

Expulsion in the 19th century Baptist Church

Discipline was part and parcel of the 19th century Baptist experience. Misbehaviour which was judged incongruent with the church's understanding of Christian life would be grounds for expulsion from the church membership - even if only on a temporary basis. What did expulsion entail in the 19th century? Read onwards to find out! John Gill,... Continue Reading →

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