Breast-feeding in the 18-20th centuries

"Nursing of their children is a natural duty; and because it is so, of a more necessary and indispensable obligation, than any positive precept of revealed religion; and that the general neglect of it is one of the great and crying sins of this age and nation. It is a sort of exposing children, which... Continue Reading →


The Mysterious Engagement of James Miller

In November 1841, James Miller published an advertisement in the Oxford Chronicle and Reading Gazette. In a couple of paragraphs, Miller offers the time, place, and method of a proposal for his beloved. case she fails to reciprocate, he warns that an unfavourable answer will result in him forgetting her and finding a more... Continue Reading →

19th century Baptist Women – How they were viewed.

The customs and traditions for women in religion varied considerably across denominations in England during the 19th century. While there was a shared ideal of "respectability" which focused on women working in the home, and men as the breadwinner outside of the home - this manifested in various ways throughout different denominations; and there were... Continue Reading →

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