Six Reasons I’m Glad I’m Not a Victorian Woman

A few years before I met my husband, I was sitting in a coffee shop with another single female friend while we lamented over our despairing "singlehood." We were both discussing how complicated the "dating world" can be, especially from a more traditional¬†Christian perspective.¬†In a progressively changing world, the older traditions from our parents and... Continue Reading →


The Case of the Fasting Girl – Genuine Hysteria or Fraud?

On January 4th 1870, Dr. R. Sephton left his house in Culcheth, travelling about a mile to the house of the Sudworths to treat their daughter, Ellen. Dr Sephton attended to his young patient, finding she had developed a fever. He diagnosed Ellen with febricula and debility and saw her a few more times over... Continue Reading →

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